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The principal town near the Penthouse is Paphos.

This popular seaside resort is situated on the western coast of Cyprus. Paphos is not only the home to many ancient sites that will fascinate any world traveller but also a tourist paradise with dozens of restaurants of all qualities and cultures, nightclubs bars and cafés.

Places to visit in Paphos
The House of Dionysos was originally a Roman villa constructed in the 3rd century. After it was excavated between 1962 and 1974, the House of Dionysos became infamous for having some of the finest mosaics in the world. Each mosaic depicts a portion of Greek mythology.
No trip to Paphos would be complete without a visit to the Tombs of the Kings. Constructed in the 4th century B.C., the chambers are carved into the rocks of the cliffs overlooking the sea. The tombs are known for their beauty and magnificent pillars.
The Paphos Medieval Fort and Castle are located near the city’s harbour. Both were constructed in the 13th century by the Lusignans as Byzantine forts to help defend the harbor against the threat of invasion. Paphos Castle was destroyed in the 16th century during an attack by the Venetians. The destruction of the fort soon followed. The Ottomans later restored the castle to its present day design.

Troodos Mountains:

A person looking to travel away from the popular tourist resorts should look no further than the Troodos Mountains. This region of Cyprus gives a visitor a reprieve from the crowded and exceptionally hot beach areas and offers a chance to tour historical villages and monasteries.
Kykkos Monastery can be found in the north western Troodos. The monastery was built in the 12th century and is known for its religious artifacts. Its most popular display is a painting by St. Luke of the Virgin Mary. The tomb of Makarios III, the first president of Cyprus, is also located in the vicinity.
A number of villages can be found throughout the Troodos. Offering native cuisine and breath taking views, a person will be able to experience the culture of Cyprus firsthand. One of the favorite stops is Troodos Square. Sporting a number of cafes and hotels, it is also near the highest point in Cyprus; the 6,400 peak of Mount Olympus.


The southern city of Limassol is the largest port and seaside resort in Cyprus. This region of the country is famous for its wines, sugar cane and beaches. Each year, Limassol hosts some of the largest festivals in Cyprus. The most popular, the ten-day Wine Festival is held in September and allows a variety of vineyards to showcase their wines.
Limassol is also a city enriched in history. Apart from the luxury hotels and villas stands Limassol Castle. Located on the site of an earlier Byzantine structure, the current castle was constructed in the 14th century. The Medieval Museum can be found here. A visitor can view many exhibits, artifacts and tombstones from the era.
A traveler can visit the nearby Kilossie Castle. Built in the 13th century with wall three meters thick, the castle was used by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Kilossie was rebuilt in the 15th century and visitors are able to view the castle’s military architecture.
Kourioun is located just a short distance from Limassol. This is the major archaeological site in Cyprus. A person visiting Kourioun will be in awe of the ruins of the ancient Greek temples and the House of Achilles with its mosaics. However, one of the most popular destinations is the Roman Era Theatre. The theater was built in the 2nd century B.C. and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Now restored, the theatre is used for musical and theatrical performances.

For more details visit the Cyprus Tourism Organisation

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